Jose's Consulting Package

Jose's Consulting Package

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Get dedicated help with your business’s digital advertisement, website, social media, new strategies, goals, and a lot more by the expert Jose Silvera himself!

Jose has helped dozens of businesses of all types and sizes globally, to improve their sales, and reduce their costs in digital ads by optimizing their performance. Jose has been able to save businesses, thousands of dollars per month in Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook & Instagram Ads expenses, and also improved their performance and reach, leading to almost immediate results in revenue growth!

If you are stuck, don’t know how to keep expanding your business online and/or are not getting the results you need from your internet sales funnel, then this is the right service for you. Jose will identify your industry’s best advertisement opportunities, along with an extensive report on what you could be doing better to improve sales, your customer base, and online following.
By doing so, Jose has detected incredible virgin opportunities inside many industries like (residential & commercial real estate, construction & remodeling, different types of restaurants, home & personal security, trailers, and some other industries that can’t be even mentioned here).

Jose will help you dominate your market and grow your business!


Jose’s Consulting Package:

  • Jose’s in-depth professional marketing research
  • 3 video/phone calls with Jose himself
  • Overall report/analysis with overlooked opportunities and more
  • Help business set unique short/mid/long term goals
  • Educate business about marketing strategies
  • Follow up calls to measure success & goals archives